Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

  • Should you build your own carport, or call in the professionals?

    A carport is a structure to protect your car from the elements. It does not have four walls and is much more open than a garage, but is therefore usually quicker and cheaper to install. If you are considering doing the job of installation yourself though, there are some considerations to take into account. The pros The most obvious advantage of installing your own carport is that it will be much cheaper.

  • The Perks of Owning Motorised Window Coverings

    Investing in automated appliances and fixtures in your home is one great way to make it more functional. Window treatments are among the major home additions you may think of. Whether awnings, blinds, or shades, choosing the automated or motorised models pays off in a number of ways. Here are a few to think about. Convenience Since automation is all about making your home more functional and convenient, motorised window coverings will ensure this is made possible.

  • Two inexpensive ways to prep your garden for a party

    The costs of decorating your outdoor space for a party can add up alarmingly quickly. If you're on a tight budget and can't afford to splurge on expensive forms of party decor, don't worry; there are a number of ways to prepare your garden for a soiree without spending a small fortune. Read on to learn more. Add some new lighting If your party is likely to continue long past dusk, then it's important to ensure that the garden area is well-lit.

  • How to Prevent Glass Enclosures from Breaking

    Many people have glass enclosures, such as tempered glass shower enclosures, in their homes. Such glass can suddenly shatter into tiny pieces if anything happens to affect its stability. Those tiny pieces can injure whoever was using that glass enclosure at the time it broke. This article discusses some measures that homeowners can take to prevent glass enclosures from breaking. Be Gentle You should never slam the door of your glass enclosure when you are closing it.

  • How to Maximize Space in a Small Wardrobe While Still Staying Organized

    When you opt for a built-in wardrobe for your bedroom, you want to ensure you're maximising the space inside and out, while still keeping your items organised and neat. Crumpling up your t-shirts and underwear so you can just cram them into a drawer may pack that drawer completely, but can be very frustrating when you're rushing to get ready in the morning and can't find the clothes you need! Note a few tips for maximising space in a small wardrobe while still staying neat and organised, and keeping everything at your fingertips.

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Improving our home flow

Our home has been added to over the last few decades in a lot of little ways, with small additions and extensions. We have enough space overall, but the house doesn't flow very all, as we have all of these little rooms, and they are all joined together in funny ways that don't entirely make sense in terms of how we use the house. That's why we are taking out some of the entries and walls and creating living zones and spaces that suit us. This blog is all about how to transform your house from a mismatch of rooms into a modern home.