Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Should you build your own carport, or call in the professionals?

Timmothy Mitchelle

A carport is a structure to protect your car from the elements. It does not have four walls and is much more open than a garage, but is therefore usually quicker and cheaper to install. If you are considering doing the job of installation yourself though, there are some considerations to take into account.

The pros

The most obvious advantage of installing your own carport is that it will be much cheaper. Hiring a professional installer costs money, and if you are on a tight budget you may feel that you would prefer to do the work yourself and save the money. You also avoid the nuisance of having other people working around your home, probably at a time more convenient to them rather than to you.

You can also buy carports, usually at the lightweight and cheaper end of the scale, that are designed for a DIY installation and come with the relevant instructions.

The cons

One thing you should take into account is your own abilities. Many people over-estimate the scale of a task they can take on, and find themselves with structures that are unfinished or poorly built, eventually having to call in the professionals to finish or fix them. DIY jobs can also take far longer than you envisaged, and if you have more important things to do - including spending time with your family - you may consider the time saved by calling in the professionals to be well worth the extra expense.

You will also need to consider the ground on which you will be siting the carport. It may be unsuitable for the new structure, and you may even need to prepare concrete foundations for the carport, which will stretch your budget and abilities still further. A professional service will be able to survey the area and will know what needs to be done before any commitments are made.

It is also worth remembering that professional installers will have the necessary insurance in case of any mistakes or accidents. If you shoulder the responsibility for this yourself, you may find that a single mistake can cause the costs of your project to rocket in just a few seconds.

Although there is no reason why a competent amateur cannot build a carport, calling in the professionals, such as those at Allgal Garages, will give you more time, peace of mind, and the knowledge that the job will be done properly.


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