Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Designing A Versatile Wardrobe Space

Timmothy Mitchelle

Built-in wardrobes give you stable storage where everything has its place and everything has a cover or door. No more messy racks of clothes and shoes; now you can simply close the door to each compartment and close each drawer, and have a trim, neat wardrobe. However, as you design the wardrobe, you'll want it to be versatile, too, so that you can rearrange it without having to remodel the entire space.

You Do Want Some Modular Options

Rearranging without having to remodel is made easier when part of the wardrobe is modular, meaning you can move things around. This does not mean having to give up fitted spaces like cabinets, but it helps to have adjustable shelves and even adjustable walls within the larger cabinets. Be able to remove clothes rods or add more, too. The more adjustable the wardrobe spaces are, the easier it will be to customise as your needs change. A totally built-in and fitted wardrobe space where nothing could be changed is a space that may not work for you years from now.

Islands And Walkway Space

Very large wardrobes often have room for an island with drawers and counter space that allow you to do things like polish jewellery and coordinate outfits. If you think there will be enough room to consider an island, take the pathways around the island into consideration. You'll need more than just "enough" room for you to pass by; you'll want much more space so that if you need to move boxes in and out of the wardrobe, for example, you won't end up in a tight spot.

Lighting, Don't Forget Lighting

Your wardrobe should have overhead lighting to begin with, no matter the design you choose. Additionally, add spot-lighting in darker corners, inside cabinets that don't get much of the overhead light, and in areas where you want to really illuminate what you have, like a tie rack or a built-in jewellery case. The spotlights will not be on constantly; they are meant to help you better see what you have. If you do not add these spotlights, you may find yourself avoiding those darker corners and letting things sit for months or even years. The spotlights, which can be small, do help.

Work with a good designer and builder. They'll have sample designs already, and you can modify the designs and get a custom space that gives everything its own place.


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Improving our home flow

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