Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

The Two Different Types Of In-Floor Heating And How To Decide Which Is Better For Your House

Timmothy Mitchelle

Floor heating is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of controlling the temperature in your house during winter. Not only is in-floor heating great for bathrooms (and it really is excellent on a cold morning) but it can also be used throughout almost all of your living space. What many people who are deciding whether to get in-floor heating don't realise is that there are two main options: hydronic or electric floor heating. So what are the differences and which is perfect for you? Here is a quick rundown. 


Electric floor heating is done by installing a system of coils, cables and mats that are placed underneath the top layer of your flooring and then heated through an electric power source. Much like an electric blanket, this system is straightforward to install, simple to monitor and basically maintenance-free for its entire life. It isn't costly to install either, and the process takes only a few hours if that. It can also be installed under a variety of materials, not just tiles or concrete. If you have carpet that you really want nice and toasty, then there is only one way to get that perfect temperature: electric in-floor heating.


Hydronic heating is a little bit different in that it uses a system of pipes that carry water which is heated from a boiler. These pipes are a bit larger and only work well under concrete slabs due to their more bulky nature. They are, however, growing in presence because of the new trend in polished concrete as a flooring material for living spaces. They are more expensive to install but the cost to power them is generally cheaper because you can use solar power or natural gas. That makes their running costs lower, and with proper servicing, they are just as reliable and efficient as electric heating.

Which System Is Best For Me?

If you want to install floor heating in an already built room and have a strict budget you need to adhere too, then electric heating is probably best. It is far easier to install electric heating on a finished property than it is to install hydronic heating. However, if the environmental impact of your heating needs is high on your list of priorities, then you will probably lean towards hydronic systems. Both heat your house thoroughly, and the choice really comes down to personal preference and your financial situation. Always make sure to speak to a professional about your particular circumstances.


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