Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

4 Easy Ways For Men To Save Time Inside Their Wardrobes

Timmothy Mitchelle

Have you wasted several minutes of your day trying to find a belt and tie that complements the colour of your shirt? Have you fumbled through drawers pulling out socks one at a time until you find the matching pair? Apart from making it easier for you to get ready for work every morning, a well-organised wardrobe saves you heaps of time and is simply more efficient. Here are some easy ways for you to save time when hunting for stuff inside your built-in wardrobe.

Separate each item by category

Separate your items into categories so you know exactly where to place them inside your closet. You'll need to separate your business and casual clothes into pants, sweaters, coats, shorts, denims, shirts and t-shirts. Place the business shirts and pants together, and do the same for your casual clothing items. This is an easy way to find exactly what you need for the situation. Place smaller items like socks and underwear inside separated drawers if possible, so you don't have to scour through your entire wardrobe to find them.

Install a pants organiser inside the wardrobe

While separating your items is important, you may want to consider installing a pants organiser inside the wardrobe. This way, you can prevent wrinkles from wrecking your pants because you wouldn't have to cram them inside with other items, nor would you have to fold them.

Use shelf dividers to separate folded clothing items

If you have open shelves inside the wardrobe, use shelf dividers to separate individual clothing items—making it so much easier to find what you need. For example, if you fold up all your beach shorts and boardies in one section and then use a shelf divider to separate them from more formal shorts, you'll know exactly where to look. You can use shelf dividers to separate different types of folded clothing items. This is a huge time saver because you wouldn't have to go through piles of clothes every time.

Get wall-mounted racks for longer accessories like belts and ties  

You don't want to place belts and ties inside drawers if you can help it because they may crease and look untidy. Wall-mounted racks with hooks placed on the inside of your built-in wardrobe helps these accessories maintain their shape better for a longer duration. You can even use these racks to hang other items like hats.

Save heaps of time (and energy) with these efficient wardrobe set-up ideas.


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