Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

The Perks of Owning Motorised Window Coverings

Timmothy Mitchelle

Investing in automated appliances and fixtures in your home is one great way to make it more functional. Window treatments are among the major home additions you may think of. Whether awnings, blinds, or shades, choosing the automated or motorised models pays off in a number of ways. Here are a few to think about.


Since automation is all about making your home more functional and convenient, motorised window coverings will ensure this is made possible. This is especially important if you need to control your window treatments in hard-to-reach places, such as skylight windows. Motorised window treatments come with a range of remote options to make it more convenient for you to operate or adjust them to any height you desire. Your motorised window treatments can be fitted with a single channel remote system, which in most cases would be a switch on a wall. You simply click the switch on or off to control the coverings. This remote system is oftentimes ideal for use on a group of windows that you intend to operate simultaneously. Other motorised window coverings operate on more than a one channel system, where a single button can be used on a group of window coverings, usually in the same room, or different coverings in several rooms.

If you wish to schedule your window coverings to operate automatically, you should go for those that use a programmable remote system. This way, your shades or blinds will be raised or lowered at different times of the day following the movement of the sun in your area. This ensures maximum protection for your floors, furniture, or even art from any potential damage by exposure to direct sunlight.


The ability to control your window coverings automatically makes them less susceptible to wear and tear. It is possible to pull down or raise your window coverings more harshly if you were doing it manually. For instance, if your window blinds have drawstrings, pulling them every day subjects them to a higher level of wear and tear than blinds that are controlled remotely without such strings.

Energy Efficiency

Motorised window coverings are not only convenient and durable but can also help lower your utility costs especially if you are using programmable coverings or those that come with smart thermostats. For the latter option, your motorised window coverings will open or close depending on the prevailing weather or the temperature inside your home among other factors. For instance, when the room is getting extremely hot, the smart thermostat can simply sense this and then instruct your blinds or shades to close before your air conditioner turns on. With such control mechanisms, your air conditioner will work less and this is how your energy bills come down.


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