Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

4-Point Checklist for Keeping Motorbikes in a Self-Storage Unit

Timmothy Mitchelle

Can you put your motorbike in a self-storage unit? Yes. Motorbikes do not belong among the list of items that are not allowed in these storage units. Here are some insights on choosing the right self-storage unit and getting ready for the storage.

Consider Amenities

A self-storage unit with climate control is ideal for storing a motorbike. You won't have to worry about changing temperature and humidity levels causing damage to your bike, and especially the metallic parts.

Another feature to look out for is drive-up access. If the storage unit comes with this access, loading and unloading the bike onto and off the unit will be hassle-free. As long as your bike is functional, all you have to do is ride it.

Get the Right Size

Trying to cram your motorbike into a small self-storage unit may only end up in damages. How much money you wind up spending on repairs may turn out to be way more than it would have costed you to get a bigger storage unit.

Consider the size of your motorbike and get a unit that is a little bigger than that. You will appreciate the extra room when loading and unloading the bike, not to mention that you can use the extra space for storing tools and accessories such as your helmet.

Have Your Paperwork Ready

It shouldn't come as a surprise when the storage facility asks for registration and insurance and any other proof of ownership. Providing this proof will give the facility managers confidence that they are not storing stolen property that will only invite legal problems.

Prepare Your Bike

From emptying your gas tank and topping off the coolant to disconnecting the battery, these preparation tasks will help to keep your bike in good condition and ready for riding when you take it out of the self-storage unit.

For the tyres, you may want to take them off if it's going to be an extended stay. The weight of the motorbike will push down on the tyres causing flat areas and even full deflation. This should take you back to the idea of ensuring you have a big enough unit that can accommodate the tyres. The other option would be to prop up the bikes and keep the tyres elevated.

Choose the right self-storage unit, ensure your motorbike is well prepared with the outlined tips, and you can rest easy leaving your motorbike in storage for as long as you may want. For more information, contact companies that provide self-storage units. 


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