Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

  • Benefits of Timber Look Tile for Dogs and Their Owners

    If you are a dog owner, you may want to forgo the traditional wood floor and instead opt for timber look tiles. Wondering what benefits timber look tiles offer for dogs and dog owners in particular? Take a look: 1. Timber look tiles repel moisture. If you buy timber look tiles, the synthetic material doesn't absorb moisture. Instead, it tends to bead up on the surface, making it easier to clean up doggy puddles.

  • Home Security Tips for Dog Owners

    If you are a dog owner, you should keep your pet in mind whilst choosing your security system and its components. There are several unique areas to consider. Take a look at these tips and ideas: 1. Don't let your doggy door degrade your home security. Don't spend a lot of money setting up a home security system and then just put in a regular doggy door. Small thieves can easily climb through doors for large dogs, and in other cases, depending on the position of the doggy door, long-armed thieves may reach through it and open the door handle.

  • Why Shade Sails Are Suitable For Your Exterior Living Space

    When it comes to shade sails, most homeowners associate them with coverings used in public spaces and schools. Although this is a true, it does not mean that they cannot provide your home with functionality too. Rather than opt to dot your lawn or yard with standalone sun-umbrellas, you should consider investing in shade sails. The following are some of the reasons why shade sails are suitable for your exterior living space.

  • Involve your primary school children in producing curtains for your classroom

    Brighten up your primary school classroom with a set of curtains made from fabric decorated with fabric paint by your home room class. Planning the curtains Guide the children in your class to measure the size of the windows in the classroom. Encourage them to work out how many curtains will be needed. Divide the class into as many groups as there will be curtains. Each group should decide on the design for their curtain.

  • Benefits of Bathroom Renovations to Combine Your Shower and Bathtub

    When homeowners are seeking to embark on bathroom renovations, it is usually to enhance the aesthetics of their bathroom while improving its functionality. One of the ways of doing this is through combining your bathtub and shower rather than having them as separate entities in your bathroom. Although it may seem fancy to have separate cleaning areas, you may find that having them combined would be more convenient. The following are some of the benefits of opting to combine your shower and bathtub when engaging in bathroom renovations.

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    Improving our home flow

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