Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Lawn Care: A Guide

Timmothy Mitchelle

Have you ever looked over the fence and admired your neighbour's lawn while also wondering how they get it looking so good? Lawn's need regular care to ensure they look their best. Below is a guide to the basics of lawn care, which will help you to get your lawn looking as beautiful as your neighbours in no time at all.

Aerate Your Lawn

In order to grow well, the soil the grass is growing in needs to contain oxygen. You can aid this process by aerating your lawn. All you need to do is simply make small holes in the surface of the soil using a spiked garden roller or garden fork. You should aerate the lawn during the growing season. If your lawn is planted with a cool season grass such as fescue, rough bluegrass or bentgrass, you should aerate in the early autumn or spring. If your lawn is planted with a warm season grass such as centipede or Bermuda, you should aerate during the late spring.

Feed Your Lawn

As well as aerated soil, your lawn also needs food. You should apply fertiliser to your lawn to ensure it receives the phosphate, potash, nitrogen and other nutrients that it needs. You should be able to pick up fertiliser which is designed for the type of grass you have planted from your local garden centre. Once you have applied the fertiliser to your lawn as per the manufacturer's instructions, you should water the grass. This will help the fertiliser to dissolve into the soil. 

Water Your Lawn

Due to the summer climate in Australia, it is vital that you ensure your lawn is properly watered. If you fail to keep the soil properly hydrated, your lawn will yellow and cease to grow. You should water early in the morning before the sun gets too high in the sky. Watering in the heat of the day is ineffective as the moisture quickly evaporates before it is absorbed by the grass. 

Mow Your Lawn

The frequency with which you have to mow your lawn will be determined by the time of year. In the spring and autumn, grass grows quickly, which means you will have to mow your lawn more often than in the summer and winter when the rate of growth is slower. There is no set height at which a lawn should be kept, however. For the best results you should avoid mowing it so short that you can see the soil or letting it grown so long that your feet sink into it completely.

If you would like further information about how best to look after your lawn, contact a lawn care or mower company.


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