Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

  • Long-Term Storage | 4 Quick Steps To Ensure Mould-Free Cushions In Storage Units

    Mould and mildew grow in any location where moisture and humidity is high, which is why you will find them on cushions and other upholstery in damp storage units if you're not careful. This guide is designed to arm you with quick steps to ensure mould-free cushions when you place them in self-storage units. Vacuum The Cushions To Remove Any Dirt And Grime On Them The first thing you have to remember is that dirt, grime, body oils and other pollutants present on cushions can trigger the growth of mould in the storage unit.

  • How to Remove Tea Stains from a Carpet

    If you're a lover of strong black tea and have ever spilt some on your carpet, you know just how hard it is to remove it completely, especially if your carpets are light.  But fear not. Whether your carpet has just been stained or the spill happened a couple of years ago, here are some things you can try that will hopefully lift the stain, leaving your carpet looking like good as new!

  • Cleaned And Sealed: Awning Maintenance FAQs

    Cleaning and sealing of awnings are important maintenance activities for homeowners who wish to continue enjoying the benefits of residential awnings. This article provides answers to two questions that the average homeowner may have in relation to the proper maintenance of residential awnings. DIY Or Non-DIY Cleaning? For the average homeowner, cleaning of residential awnings should be a breeze. In a large number of cases, homeowners will need a ladder, a bucket, a cleaning sponge (or cloth) and a chemical cleaning solution.

  • Keep European Wasps Away From Your Shed With These Four Tips

    European wasps have been plaguing Australia since they slipped into the country in the 1970s, and their stings can be painful. Because of that, you don't want them building a nest in your shed. Luckily, there are ways to deter them: 1. Don't store anything sweet in or near your shed. Wasps are drawn to sweet and sticky things, and you should avoid storing anything sweet in your shed. If you have fruit trees and are storing apples or other fruits in your shed, make sure that they all of the fruit is intact.

  • Fire Prevention Products and Equipment for Families

    When you have children in the home, fire prevention is more important than ever before. Many tragic stories of children being caught in house fires are seen on the news every year, but with the right fire prevention products and equipment, a family can be safe even in the worst of scenarios. Note a few products and pieces of equipment you might want to consider if you have children in your home.

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    Improving our home flow

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