Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

  • What Is a Sandblasted Glass Shower Screen and Why Should You Buy One?

    If someone asks you to picture a glass shower screen, you'll probably picture one that is completely transparent. After all, transparency one of the main things that glass is known for, and people often like completely transparent shower screens because they can make a bathroom look larger, lighter, and more open. However, you don't have to go for complete transparency. There are several options for creating an opaque surface without sacrificing the other fetching characteristics of glass, and one of the most popular is sandblasting.

  • Why Your Car's Door Lock May Not Be Working

    When your key fob for your car's door locks doesn't work right away or not at all, don't assume you need to replace your car's locks just yet. There may be a few things that could be causing this issue, and some of which can be very simple to fix. Note a few suggestions here so you can address this problem on your own, or know what you might be expecting by way of repairs from an auto locksmith.

  • How to make your garden more private

    If you love to spend time in your garden but are fed up of passers-by and neighbours peering into it all of the time, here are some things you can do to make your outdoor space more private. Invest in a fence Investing in a new fence for the boundaries of your garden is perhaps one of the best ways to prevent people from being able to see into it. However, it's important to note that both the height and design of the fence will determine how effective it is in providing you with more privacy.

  • Three Deck Design Ideas For The Avid Barbequer

    Spring time has struck in Australia, and soon it will be time to fire up the barbeque to start entertaining your friends and family. As someone who needs a new deck before the outdoor entertaining can kick off, now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your love for barbequing into your new deck design. These three design tips will give you options to discuss with your deck builder before the build gets underway.

  • 5 Ways to Create a Great Bathroom for Couples

    It doesn't matter how close you are with your partner, sharing a bathroom is rarely easy. Luckily enough, there are a whole host of bathroom renovation ideas that make sharing a little easier. Here are just five renovation ideas to make your bathroom into an ideal sanctuary for two. 1. Add a Second Sink Putting in an additional sink is one of the smartest things that you can do when you're creating a bathroom for two.

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    Improving our home flow

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