Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

4 Instant Actions When Your Split AC Emits A Foul, Mildewy Smell

Timmothy Mitchelle

If you're running an AC for the first time after winter months, there's always the possibility that you will notice a foul odour being emitted from the air vents. This is potentially because mildew has formed inside the unit because of regular condensation or leaks within the system. In rare situations, you may even find a dead rodent inside. Follow these instant actions when your AC emits a foul, mildewy smell.

Inspect The Inside Of Your Compressor Unit

Your compressor unit will typically be placed outside your home and is usually where something can potentially go wrong. Use a flashlight and remove any covers to inspect the inside of the unit. If the panels are easily removable, then make sure you take them off to gain easier access to the interiors of the unit. Try to conduct this inspection during the brightest part of the day because natural light will help you detect signs of mould and mildew more easily.

Remove Loose Debris From Inside The Unit

If your outdoor unit has been untouched for a while, you'll likely find debris like leaves, mud, stones, moss and mildew lodged inside the unit. All these items could potentially result in a foul smell emanating from the AC. Use a cloth to wipe down the dust from the air conditioner's coils and compressor. A strong vacuum cleaner or leaf blower will also displace leaves, stones and other loose debris from inside the cooling unit.

Use Specialised Coil Cleaners To Remove Stubborn Mould And Mildew From Inside

Specialised coil cleaners are available to spray over the areas inside your AC unit, which will loosen any stubborn mildew or moss implanted on them. Once you have sprayed the coil cleaner inside the unit, let it sit untouched for a little while to work on removing the mildew inside. Once you've let the cleaner sit for a while, wipe down the internal parts of the unit with a microfibre cloth.

Turn On Your AC Before Closing Up The Outdoor Unit

Before you close up the outdoor unit, turn on your AC and test it. This way you can keep working on cleaning the inside of the unit if the smell continues to linger. If not, close up by placing the panels back to their original locations and tightening all screws. When closing up, make sure you turn off your AC mains to avoid suffering from an unprecedented electrical shock.

If you notice a foul, mildewy smell coming from your AC, these quick actions will help you prevent it from getting worse. For more information, contact a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.


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