Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Why Your Car's Door Lock May Not Be Working

Timmothy Mitchelle

When your key fob for your car's door locks doesn't work right away or not at all, don't assume you need to replace your car's locks just yet. There may be a few things that could be causing this issue, and some of which can be very simple to fix. Note a few suggestions here so you can address this problem on your own, or know what you might be expecting by way of repairs from an auto locksmith.

Try it manually

First, try to manually unlock the car door; if the lock opens easily with a key, this can mean that the fuse is blown for the locks and they simply won't open with the fob. Check the car's owner's manual to find where the fuse box is located; it should also tell you how to determine if there is a blown fuse, the type of replacement fuse you need and how to replace it.

If the lock doesn't open very easily even with a key, try some spray lubricant in the key hole. If the key hole is full of dust and debris, this can jam the lock into place. If this fixes the problem, open the door and use the spray lubricant around the opening where the door latches to the car, as there could be added debris in this chamber that is keeping the lock from working smoothly.

Look into reprogramming

The key fob may need a new battery, but it may also need reprogramming. This programming may have become damaged if you had any repairs done that involved the car's computer, which means the fob may not be able to communicate with the car. You can take the fob to a dealership and they will hook it to a computer that will check the programming and see if it's still working properly; if not, the dealership can usually reprogram it on the spot.

Check the battery

Don't assume that a weak battery means the car won't start or that all the lights and other systems will go dead. With a low or weak battery, the car may struggle to turn the engine over but still start, or the dome light or dashboard lights may still work. However, some electrical systems may fail when the battery gets weak; this can include the power locks. If you can lock and unlock the car manually, have the car's battery checked at an auto parts store to see if it needs replacing.

If you aren't able to get in your car, it's then time to call an auto locksmith.


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