Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Benefits of Bathroom Renovations to Combine Your Shower and Bathtub

Timmothy Mitchelle

When homeowners are seeking to embark on bathroom renovations, it is usually to enhance the aesthetics of their bathroom while improving its functionality. One of the ways of doing this is through combining your bathtub and shower rather than having them as separate entities in your bathroom. Although it may seem fancy to have separate cleaning areas, you may find that having them combined would be more convenient. The following are some of the benefits of opting to combine your shower and bathtub when engaging in bathroom renovations.

Combination bathtub and shower saves on space

One of the immediate benefits of combining your bathtub and shower is that you free up additional space in your bathroom. The more items you have in your bathroom, the more cramped it appears. Typically, when these components are separate, there will be less floor space and vertical space to use in your bathroom. As such, you may find that you have to compromise on storage simply to have to different areas to get clean. When you combine your bathtub and shower, you now have additional room that you can use for an array of reasons ranging from storage to splurging on a larger vanity.

Combination bathtub and shower is economical

Bathroom renovations can be quite expensive. However, the cost of your bathroom does not stop at simply the plumbing and materials used. The labour of having to install both a bathtub as well as a shower can prove to be pricey. With a combination bathtub and shower, you only require one drain in your bathroom. In addition to this, the tapware used for your shower and bathtub are connected, unlike with a separate bathtub and shower that would require individual tapware. All this works toward decreasing the cost of your bathroom renovations.

Combination bathtub and shower enhances ventilation in the bathroom

If you only have one window in your bathroom and have to consider placement of the bathtub or the shower, you will find one of these will tend to be more humid than the other as it is not receiving direct ventilation from the single window. If you have one window, you would be better off with a combination bathtub and shower. It will be conveniently placed at the window for maximum ventilation, and you would not have to worry about the natural light streaming in being obstructed while taking a bath or shower.


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