Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Benefits of Timber Look Tile for Dogs and Their Owners

Timmothy Mitchelle

If you are a dog owner, you may want to forgo the traditional wood floor and instead opt for timber look tiles. Wondering what benefits timber look tiles offer for dogs and dog owners in particular? Take a look:

1. Timber look tiles repel moisture.

If you buy timber look tiles, the synthetic material doesn't absorb moisture. Instead, it tends to bead up on the surface, making it easier to clean up doggy puddles. In contrast, accidents can soak right into a real timber floor, potentially creating stains, odours and long term damage.

Additionally, when wood absorbs moisture -- whether it's water droplets off a dog who has just been swimming, splashes from the water bowl or an accident -- the wood expands and can crack. In contrast, because timber look tiles repel moisture, you don't have to worry about distortion.

2. Timber look tiles aren't as susceptible to scratches.

Do you ever indulge your pup with a game of fetch in the house? Does your dog run toward the door, legs and paws flying when you come home? Those happy moments can be a nightmare for a timber floor, as your dog's claws run along the floor and cause scratches, gouges, nicks and other damage. Timber look tiles, in contrast, are much more resistant to damage. Their resistance ultimately depends on whether you choose ceramic timber look tiles or vinyl ones. Ceramic is stronger but vinyl is cheaper.

3. Timber look tiles can be cheaper to replace.

In most cases, especially when you choose vinyl, timber look tiles cost less than their real wood counterparts. As a result, if you want to have one type of flooring while your pup is little and working on house training, you can start with timber look tiles. If you ultimately need to replace them, it won't cost as much as replacing a real timber floor.

4. Timber look tiles can be paired with radiant heating.

If you want Fido to be comfortable, regardless of the temp, you may want to consider radiant underfloor heating. Unfortunately, it generally isn't possible to install radiant heating under a timber floor, but it is possible to put it in under a timber look tile floor.

Timber look tiles come in a range of designs and patterns, and they can mimic the look of your favourite type of timber floor. Want to learn more about the benefits for dog owners or anyone else? Then, contact a timber look tile sales rep


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