Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Home Security Tips for Dog Owners

Timmothy Mitchelle

If you are a dog owner, you should keep your pet in mind whilst choosing your security system and its components. There are several unique areas to consider. Take a look at these tips and ideas:

1. Don't let your doggy door degrade your home security.

Don't spend a lot of money setting up a home security system and then just put in a regular doggy door. Small thieves can easily climb through doors for large dogs, and in other cases, depending on the position of the doggy door, long-armed thieves may reach through it and open the door handle.

Instead, be cautious and get a doggy door that only you or your dog can open. There are sliding metal doors that when closed are impenetrable by thieves. To open them, your dog simply needs a little remote on his collar that triggers the door to open or close when he is next to it.

2. Skip the motion detectors.

Unless your pup sleeps with your every night in your room, you may want to skip the motion detectors. If your dog roams the house at night -- even if just to grab a sip of water from his bowl and then returns to his bed -- his movement could trigger the motion detectors. That could set off a false alarm, and if you have a monitored system, the first responders could be dispatched to your home.

3. Integrate a camera to check in on your dog.

To ensure your dog is safe throughout the day, you may want to integrate a doggy camera into your security system. You can have surveillance cameras in every room that are linked to an app on your phone or laptop so you can check in on him. Alternatively, you can invest in a specialised doggy communication camera. With these cameras, you can even broadcast your face onto a screen in your home so you can talk to your dog. These cameras can also be set up to dispense treats, making it easy to call your dog over and check on him without having to look at multiple cameras.

4. Opt for a system with fire detection capabilities.

Security system do more than just provide video surveillance of your home or detect thieves breaching your property. They can also detect fires, carbon monoxide levels and some other threats. In particular, if you leave your pup home alone, you want a system that can detect fires. That way if a fire starts, the system will notify the firefighters and dispatch them to your home so they can save the dog.   

For more guidance on what to consider when setting up your home security system if you are a dog owner, contact a home security expert.


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