Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

  • Beautiful Trees You Want for Your Landscaping

    Adding trees to your property's landscaping is actually very healthy for the soil and the atmosphere; trees hold moisture around their roots so there is less risk of soil erosion that could affect nearby plant growth, and tree leaves help clean the air and reduce pollution. When you think of trees for your property, you may assume that large, mature trees are your only choice, but many landscaping trees grow only a few dozen feet or just several meters in height, and they can also provide very fragrant blooms that make your outdoor space much more inviting.

  • What to Do When Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Always a Mess!

    If your kitchen cabinets are always a disorganised, cluttered mess, this might be more stressful to you than you realize. Having to hunt around for certain food items or tools when you're already in a rush to get out the door or to get dinner on the table can be very irritating. Note a few tips for what to do if your kitchen cabinets are always a mess, and be sure your family follows along with your new plan for keeping the kitchen space neat and organized.

  • Are You Sure You Want to Build Your Own Pergola?

    A pergola or arbour of any sort can add visual interest and a bit of shade to an outdoor space, and work as a nice anchor if you want to hang curtains for privacy and sun protection. You may be thinking of building your own pergola, as these structures are usually nothing more than several beams attached to one another; however, the job may not be as simple as you assume.

  • Why Visit a Kitchen Showroom Before Planning a Remodel?

    If you're planning a kitchen remodel, you may already have an idea of all the materials and style you want for flooring, the benchtops, the splashback, and the appliances. Before you make your final choices, however, you might want to visit a kitchen showroom with your designer or contractor. A showroom has demo kitchens laid out, with the actual benchtops, cabinets, appliances, and everything else you need in a kitchen. Consider why it's good to visit such a showroom before you even start planning your kitchen remodel.

  • 4 Instant Actions When Your Split AC Emits A Foul, Mildewy Smell

    If you're running an AC for the first time after winter months, there's always the possibility that you will notice a foul odour being emitted from the air vents. This is potentially because mildew has formed inside the unit because of regular condensation or leaks within the system. In rare situations, you may even find a dead rodent inside. Follow these instant actions when your AC emits a foul, mildewy smell.

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Improving our home flow

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