Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

How to Maximize Space in a Small Wardrobe While Still Staying Organized

Timmothy Mitchelle

When you opt for a built-in wardrobe for your bedroom, you want to ensure you're maximising the space inside and out, while still keeping your items organised and neat. Crumpling up your t-shirts and underwear so you can just cram them into a drawer may pack that drawer completely, but can be very frustrating when you're rushing to get ready in the morning and can't find the clothes you need! Note a few tips for maximising space in a small wardrobe while still staying neat and organised, and keeping everything at your fingertips.

Double-fold t-shirts

To double fold t-shirts, tuck in the sides and fold the top half over the bottom half. Then, fold them in the middle again; next, rather than putting them flat in the drawer, set them so that the middle crease is upward. Fill the drawer end to end, rather than putting shirts on top of one another. Storing your t-shirts in a row rather than in a pile keeps them neat; you don't need to pull a shirt out from the bottom of the pile when needed, making a mess, and you can also store your shirts all the way to the end of the drawer, using up all available space.

Behind the door

You can use the space behind the door to store flat items that don't need much room; attach some hooks for handbags, scarves, neckties, belts, and items like cameras on a strap or a dog's leash. You can even use hooks for wrapping phone charging cords and earbuds. If you need a place for shoes, purchase towel bars such as for the bathroom and attach those inside the door; hang the shoes by their heels or slide them behind the bars, and they're off the floor while still staying organised!

Jewellery storage

If you want to store small pieces of jewellery in your wardrobe, shop in the craft section of your favourite store and look for a flat plastic organiser, meant for sewing and craft supplies. These will have a top that closes and clips shut, and on the inside will be several small compartments. These organisers are a perfect solution for storing jewellery, as you can tuck your items away while keeping them organised, close the lid to protect them, and still have all your small pieces close at hand when needed. Stash these organisers in a drawer or on a shelf to get them out of the way while still being very convenient.


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Improving our home flow

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