Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Beautiful Trees You Want for Your Landscaping

Timmothy Mitchelle

Adding trees to your property's landscaping is actually very healthy for the soil and the atmosphere; trees hold moisture around their roots so there is less risk of soil erosion that could affect nearby plant growth, and tree leaves help clean the air and reduce pollution. When you think of trees for your property, you may assume that large, mature trees are your only choice, but many landscaping trees grow only a few dozen feet or just several meters in height, and they can also provide very fragrant blooms that make your outdoor space much more inviting. Note a few suggestions for trees you may want to plant around your property.

Larger size, colourful leaves

If you want a larger landscaping tree as a focal point on your property, consider serviceberry, cornus mas or eastern redbud. These aren't as tall as mature trees like oak or pine, but they have colourful blossoms rather than large, green leaves. These trees also expand in width, so they provide a beautiful focal point that is perfect for a dull area of the yard that needs some added visual interest, and they can even offer some privacy when planted over an outdoor deck or patio. Ornamental pear trees are a bit larger; they might grow as tall as the house, and these offer a beautiful greyish blossom that also adds some colour and visual interest to a space.

Smaller size, beautiful fragrance

Lilac trees are a bit smaller than the ones mentioned above; Japanese lilac trees are taller than Korean lilac, but both offer very fragrant blossoms that can make your outdoor space a welcoming area. Because of their smaller size, a Korean lilac tree can often be planted right next to a home, in place of shrubbery, and its beautiful purplish flowers offer a very attractive addition to your landscaping plans. Jack dwarf flowering pear trees are also smaller in size, growing just a bit larger than standard hedges, and might even be planted in a row to provide a type of natural fence or barrier along the edge of a property.

Best colour

For the most visually striking colour, opt for Japanese maple, which blooms into a thick size that resembles shrubbery and whose leaves are a fiery, coppery red colour. Any variety of crab apple tree will also blossom into a reddish colour that adds great visual interest to your property; look for red jewel, royal raindrop, or prairie fire varieties for the strongest colour of blossom.

Check out a plant wholesaler like Din San Nursery as you plan your new tree additions.


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