Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Read This Before Buying a Riding Lawnmower

Timmothy Mitchelle

A riding lawnmower is a great choice for any homeowner, even if you don't think your lawn is overly large or that you need to sit while cutting the grass. A riding mower can mean keeping you safer from flying debris and more able to see potential obstructions in front of you. It also means less time you need to keep the mower running to cut your grass, so the engine suffers less wear and tear over the years. When you are ready to choose a riding lawnmower, note the following considerations first, so you know you get the best one for your property and mowing needs.

Check the cutting deck

The cutting deck refers to the width of the cutting blades, and you need to check this width against the size of your lawn. Don't assume that all riding mowers will have a very wide deck, as a mower may be designed with a wide or oversized body for better balance or for a larger towing capacity, but may not have wider or larger blades. If you're buying a riding mower to make quick work of cutting a large parcel of land, get the largest or widest cutting deck you can afford.

Garden tractors, lawn tractors

If you want to use your mower for any type of towing, such as pulling a seeding attachment behind you, you need an actual tractor and not a mower. A lawn tractor will have a stronger motor and transmission and will be able to haul a heavy load, but a garden tractor will also offer more ground-engaging attachments. This can include an aerator, scraper, roller and the like. A garden tractor can then be used for an oversized garden or small family farm along with mowing the lawn.

Comfortable seating and foot controls

Don't overlook the need for a comfortable seat and easily accessible foot controls; riding on the mower means you'll be absorbing shock from every bump and dip in your lawn. This can result in back, hip, neck and shoulder pain after a long day of cutting. Having to overextend your leg or keep your knees bent to operate the pedals can also cause muscle cramps and even damage to the knee joint. Try to actually sit in a model you're considering purchasing, or note the thickness of the seat cushion, length of reach to the pedal, and how much adjustment it offers. This can protect you physically and keep you free from stress injuries and joint pain.


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