Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Two renovation tips to follow to ensure that using your new kitchen is enjoyable

Timmothy Mitchelle

Here are some things you can do to ensure that the kitchen renovations you carry out turn your kitchen into a space that's much more enjoyable and easy for you to use.

Opt for a kitchen island with a second sink

In addition to fitting a sink that's integrated into one of your wall-attached benchtops, it might also be worth building a kitchen island that also features a second sink. There are several ways in which this could make your kitchen easier to use. Firstly, on those days when, for example, your wall-attached sink is filled with unwashed pots and pans, and you have just been using your kitchen island to chop up some vegetables for a meal, you could wash them without having to move from your original position or without first having to spend time washing the items in the other sink. When you're short on time, this could make the quick preparation of a meal far less stressful.

Additionally, having two separate sinks that are located a few feet from each other will also mean that if, for example, you and your partner are both in the kitchen and need access to a sink at the same time for different tasks (for example, if you want to drain the water out of your cooked pasta whilst your partner needs to wash their hands before they eat), both of you can do this, without interrupting one another, in the way that you would if you were both trying to use the same sink or were using a double sink that meant you still had to stand very close to each other whilst doing these different tasks. If you and your family members are regularly in the kitchen at the same time, the presence of two separate sinks could, therefore, lead to less frustration and bickering.

Use hooks to create storage across the kitchen walls

In addition to making sure that your kitchen is renovated in a way that provides you with enough cabinet space, as well as the right number of internal cabinet shelves, you should also consider putting up some stylish hooks on your kitchen walls. These will not just serve as extra storage areas but more importantly, will be very accessible when you're busy in the kitchen.

For example, if you put some metal wall hooks directly above your stovetop and hang your most-used frying pans and saucepans on these hooks, you won't, when you're in the midst of prepping some food and realise you need a specific frying pan, need to walk over to or bend down towards a cabinet, open it up, root through its contents to find the right pan, pull it out and close the cabinet door. Instead, it will take perhaps one or two seconds to take this item off its hook and start using it. This will make your cooking sessions go more smoothly.

Similarly, if you're a coffee lover and have some every day, putting some hooks on the wall or tiles above your coffee maker and hanging your favourite coffee mugs on them will make the experience of sleepily preparing your first cup of the day that much easier and more pleasurable.

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Improving our home flow

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