Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Why A Built-In Wardrobe Is More Practical Than The Alternatives

Timmothy Mitchelle

Wardrobes are perhaps one of the last things on your mind when you are busy organising your new home. There are so many larger pieces of the puzzle that have to be arranged, from getting council approval on plans to sourcing your materials and even finding the right tradesman for your construction. However, it is the little things that make a home worth living in for many years, so it is important that wherever possible, you leave yourself time to consider the benefits of the smaller features of your home. Here are a few reasons why a built-in wardrobe is so much better than the alternatives.

Cheaper When Organised From The Beginning

A built-in wardrobe might sound like an extravagant expense, but that is far from the case. In effect, it becomes just like a small room, with a few, well-designed drawers, shelves and display racks. It actually doesn't take much time at all to build, but it can have such a massive impact on your day-to-day life. Having your own space to get dressed and keep everything out of the way means that your room remains much neater, and you never have to see huge mounds of dirty clothes lumped in a corner. A well-designed built-in wardrobe is not that expensive, especially when compared to some of the more luxuriously designed chests of drawers. All you need to do is ensure you keep it in mind from the beginning.

Room To Grow

When you design a built-in wardrobe, you generally do it so that there is extra space left over for you to be able to add to your clothes and shoes should you want to. Often the initial amount of space you use is less than half the allotted room, which provides so much opportunity for expansion. On the other hand, pre-made drawers and external wardrobes do not provide you with that much space to expand your wardrobe and can be quite constricting unless you buy more and more and make your bedroom cluttered.

Best Option For Couples

A built-in wardrobe is almost an essential feature for couples because of just how much room it saves them. You can sometimes get away with a well-designed wardrobe that is not built into the structure of the house but two in one room is impossible to do well. Built-in wardrobes hide away everything out of sight and allow you to take full advantage of the space you are left with. Every inch is precious when it comes to floor layout, especially in your bedroom, so don't waste it with some furniture that could be far better integrated into your home. 

Reach out to a local contractor to learn more about built-in wardrobe options. 


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