Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Two Situations in Which You Should Upgrade Your Ceiling Insulation

Timmothy Mitchelle

Here are two situations in which you might need to upgrade the ceiling insulation in your home

You've set up a music room or a home cinema in a ground-floor room

If you've set up a music room or a home cinema in a ground-floor room, then it might be a good idea to put some higher-quality insulation into its ceiling before you start using it. The reason for this is that it's difficult to really enjoy doing things like, for example, playing the piano or watching a film, if you know that the noise you're making is bothering other people in the house. If for example, your child wants to practise their scales on the piano in the new music room, but their sibling is trying to study in their bedroom that's directly above this room, both children will probably get annoyed.

If you want to be able to watch films at a loud volume or if you want your child to feel free to loudly play the piano without worrying that they're irritating their family members, then putting an insulation material in the ceiling of this newly-designed room, which dampens sounds, is a good idea. Whilst this insulation probably won't make the ground-floor room soundproof, it will ensure that those in the room above it can only hear what sounds like a very muffled, far-off noise, which is unlikely to bother them.

You've moved into a bedroom that's directly above your kitchen

If you've switched your bedroom to a room that's directly above your kitchen, then it might be necessary to put some ceiling insulation in the latter. The reason for this that if like many people, you cannot sleep if your bedroom is too warm, then you might find this new bedroom location tricky. This is because the warmth that your family create in the kitchen by using the oven and the hob (as well as the tumble dryer, if it's in this area) will rise upward and get into your room, unless there is some good insulation between these two spaces that will keep this heat contained within the kitchen. 

If after sleeping in the bedroom for a few nights, you've noticed that it's too warm, even with the radiator turned off, then you should get the ceiling insulation replaced, as it's likely that the insulation is either too degraded or old to stop heat from passing up to the bedroom.


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