Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

3 Crucial Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Timmothy Mitchelle

The food business is quite sensitive. If you are supplying fresh food or running a restaurant, deli or cafeteria, you need to make sure that the food supplies stay in perfect condition until they reach the consumer. Commercial refrigerators are supposed to keep your food fresh from the moment the supplier delivers it to the time it gets to your customers.

Due to the large volumes of food the refrigerators handle daily, they are prone to the usual wear and tear. The best way to ensure that your unit functions correctly is through preventive maintenance. Here are the three essential maintenance tips that will transform your experience with commercial refrigerators.

1. Avoid Overloading the Refrigerator

Commercial fridges are larger than the ones most people use in their homes. However, this doesn't mean that they have an infinite capacity for food. When you buy or rent the refrigerator, remember to ask about its maximum size in cubic feet.

When you load the fridge beyond its capacity, you put excessive pressure on the condenser coils and the motor. Eventually, this results in unnecessary maintenance and repair bills and, ultimately, shortens the lifespan of the refrigerator.

2. Keep the Interior Clean and Dry

You should clean your refrigerator daily. The easiest way to clean the interior is by using a soft cloth or soft brush to wipe the shelves, the drain pans, and all other components of the refrigerator. Use a detergent or vinegar solution for better results.

After cleaning, always ensure that you wipe down any excess moisture. While moisture will always be part of refrigeration, leaving water spills in the system could lead to eventual system breakdown when the water freezes up inside. Moisture inside the fridge also creates a suitable environment for mould to grow, which can result in serious problems, such as food poisoning.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks

You also need to have a commercial refrigeration expert checking your systems at regular intervals. You can schedule a check-up immediately when you realise a part of the refrigerator is malfunctioning. This way, the problem will be fixed as you watch, preventing bigger problems in the future.

An even better approach to maintenance is to have professionals check the entire system at regular intervals, whether you have encountered issues or not. This will help identify and fix any developing issues in time.

Always consult a professional for the installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial refrigeration equipment. This will assure you of effective refrigeration and fewer losses.


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