Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Two inexpensive ways to prep your garden for a party

Timmothy Mitchelle

The costs of decorating your outdoor space for a party can add up alarmingly quickly. If you're on a tight budget and can't afford to splurge on expensive forms of party decor, don't worry; there are a number of ways to prepare your garden for a soiree without spending a small fortune. Read on to learn more.

Add some new lighting

If your party is likely to continue long past dusk, then it's important to ensure that the garden area is well-lit. Lighting, in this context, will serve a number of purposes; it will help to illuminate pathways and thus prevent your guests from tripping and hurting themselves when walking around after dark, and will also enable you to create a pleasant, cosy ambience.

Provided you opt for lighting which doesn't need to be connected to the house's electrical mains by an electrician, the process of illuminating your outdoor space shouldn't cost very much at all. LED strip lights, for example, are extremely affordable and do a wonderful job of lighting up a garden path or the edges of a patio on a dark evening.

Battery operated string lights are another excellent, inexpensive option; as these are generally not very bright, they are best used as a form of ambient lighting. You can wind them around the branches of a tree in your garden, or drape them along the fencing. They'll create beautiful, twinkling glow which will add a touch of magic to your evening soiree.

Make some bunting

One of the best ways to keep the cost of your garden party preparations down is to do some DIY crafting. Bunting, for example, is cheap and easy to make, and will instantly add some colour and personality to your outdoor space.

All you'll need is some fabric, a piece of card, scissors, some ribbon, a sewing kit and a spare hour or so. If you're planning to have a themed party, make sure to choose material that has a pattern or colour combination which is in keeping with your chosen theme. So for instance, if you're going for a nautical theme, you could choose navy and white striped fabric.

To begin, draw a triangle onto a piece of card and cut around the shape. This will serve as the template. Use pins to temporarily attach the fabric to the card, and use your scissors to cut the fabric to the shape of the template. Continue doing this until you have the right number of fabric triangles. Then, sew the triangles onto the ribbon.


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