Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Bin Hire: Important Factors to Bear in Mind

Timmothy Mitchelle

As a homeowner, you are bound to engage in construction, renovation, landscaping or even simple decluttering at some point or another. Any type of project that would result in the production of waste materials should involve skip hire for your safety as well as convenience. The process of hiring skip bins is quite easy and affordable. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should simply choose the first bins available to you. Here are a few of the important factors to bear in mind.

Factor in the waste you are looking to eliminate

Different projects in and around your home will produce different types of waste. For instance, if you are engaging in the landscaping of your property, your primary waste materials would be organic matter. You may want to opt for daily pickups for your skip with this type of waste to reduce the risk of the organic material starting to rot on your property. Moreover, collecting organic debris and leaving it to decay can also pose the risk of a pest infestation on your property.

On the other hand, if you are renovating an older residence, then you should be wary of dangerous building supplies such as asbestos or lead. It would be prudent to alert the skip hire company of the possibility of this so that they can come prepared with the right disposal equipment.

Factor in the amount of waste requiring disposal

Having the right number and size of bins is essential if your waste disposal is going to be hassle free. Some people tend to assume that they would be better off choosing a small bin since these tend to be the most affordable option. What they are not bearing in mind is that a small bin will fill up faster and if it is not adequate, you end up having waste littering your property until the skip has been emptied. Instead, it would be in your best interests to consult with the skip hire company prior to hiring your bins.

Firstly, they would be able to give you a rough estimate on the amount of waste the potentially see being produced. Which would give them a clearer idea on the size of bin that would be best suited for you. Secondly, the skip hire company would be able to advise you on the number of bins that would be necessary to your need based on your pick-up schedule. For example, one reasonably sized bin may be sufficient if you are having the waste collected daily. Conversely, if you will have the waste collected once the project is complete, you may need several bins to meet your needs.


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