Improving our home flow

Improving our home flow

Fire Prevention Products and Equipment for Families

Timmothy Mitchelle

When you have children in the home, fire prevention is more important than ever before. Many tragic stories of children being caught in house fires are seen on the news every year, but with the right fire prevention products and equipment, a family can be safe even in the worst of scenarios. Note a few products and pieces of equipment you might want to consider if you have children in your home.

1. Fireplace door locks

You don't want your child anywhere near a fireplace even when it's not in use, as there may always be burning or lingering embers in the fireplace. A fireplace door lock mounts over the fireplace door itself and locks into place so you keep toddlers and young children out of the fireplace at all times. This lock can also help ensure no burning embers make their way out of the fireplace because the door has somehow swung open, keeping your entire family safe.

2. Safer space heaters

A space heater can keep the home cozy during wintertime but if it's tipped over by kids playing, pets, and the like, this can be very dangerous; carpets, drapery, and upholstered furniture can then easily catch fire. Invest in a space heater that shuts off automatically when it's tipped over and that has a thick mesh guard across the front so you avoid getting stray drapery fabric, baby blankets, and other such materials too close to the heating element.

3. Fire ladder

A fire ladder folds up and slides under a bed or other spot when not in use, but then unfolds and provides a safe means of escape for children on a second floor. They can even be used for children on a first floor who may be afraid to climb out a window. You might purchase one of these and then rehearse with your child how to use it so they feel comfortable with the ladder in case of an actual fire.

4. Safety maps

A safety map tells your child where to go in case of a fire. You can usually purchase these maps, created to look like a child's drawing of a home, which allow you to add the features and characteristics of your home. Your child can work with you to draw their exit plan in case of a fire and note where they need to go in such an emergency so they can be safe and easily found. This can also ensure children don't get tempted to go back inside after escaping safely; they may panic and reenter the home to look for mom or dad, but if there is a place on the map where the family meets, they will stay safely outside.

For more information on how to keep your family safe during a fire, contact a local fire equipment company.


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